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Keys to Effective Communication about Refinancing

Effective communication is one of the most powerful ways to resonate and connect with callers. Businesses today are allocating large budgets to technology, but it’s actually communication that trumps everything else when it comes to creating a great caller experience.

Great interactions start with a powerful message, begin with the basics of the message you’re sending. There are three core messages that you should use as the foundation for every communication with your callers. These attributes set the tone for how the caller anticipates and perceives the experience they’ll have with your bank.

Be Seamless
Show callers how working with you and your bank saves them time and is hassle-free. No one wants to jump through hoops when dealing with their mortgage loan so don’t make them – do the opposite, make their experience easy.

Be Transparent
Tactics such as avoiding questions, partially answering questions or ommitting details from callers equates to lost opportnities for your bank. Consulting on the pros and cons of micro decisions during the sales process like the impact of pulling credit while citing sources shows transparency, e.g. "Credit Karma reports that a hard inquiry could lower your scores by a few points, or it may have a negligible effect on your scores. I'm happy to text you a link."

Be Personal
Better conversations begin with better communication that is centered around the caller's communication preferences as well as their mortgage needs. Understand your buyer types and interact with them on their level.

When delivering your message, focus on three communication traits that every customer loves:

Be concise
Don’t bog callers down with unnecessary details or jargon. Use simple, concise language when providing information.

Be clear
You may think your message is clear and you may have delivered the same message to hundreds of callers. But for each individual caller, it’s the first time they’re hearing it - so clarity is key. Make a note of the questions you most often hear and focus on addressing and ultimately eliminating them through clear communication in your word tracks.

Be compelling
Don’t leave it to your caller to understand how and why your bank is different in a market where they have choices. Place your emphasis on the caller to naturally differentiate yourself from the competition. You’ll have more interactions that callers find compelling – because you’ve made it about them and not you.


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